How to Safely Remove Your Car’s Windshield for Repair

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Removing the windshield of your car is considered as a job that’s best left to reliable and expert professionals. However, in the event of any emergency, chances are you might have to solve the problem immediately to prevent more severe issues from taking place. Fortunately, you can actually be able to tackle this kind of job on your own with the right tools as well as patience. We have also listed a quick guide below so make sure to read the entire article. 


Both you and someone who will assist must wear eye protection and safety gloves while you’re doing the auto glass repair or replacement process. This is because auto glass is made of safety pieces that can potentially splinter into very tiny pieces the moment it sustains large cracks. As a matter of fact, those safety glass pieces can be able to penetrate your skin and lode in the eyes easily. So, make sure that you can do the job wearing the right protection that your body needs to make sure that you can complete the job hassle-free and in a safe and timely manner.  

But if you think this is something that you don’t like to do or you think you cannot be able to do the windshield repair job right, then we suggest that you contact a professional and highly skilled _ right away to repair your car’s glass. 

Furthermore, it’s also very important that you avoid removing your own auto glass if you’re planning to have a new one installed. This is because a windshield that’s not installed properly can possibly cause severe injury or might even contribute to vehicular accident on the road, which can void your vehicle insurance. So, when it comes to the replacement of your windshield, make sure that you only trust an experienced auto glass replacement St Louis service provider. 

Step #1. Cover the Hood of Your Car for Protection 

With the use of an old blanket, old flannel sheet or large towels, cover the hood of your vehicle so that it won’t be scratched when you’re removing your windshield.  

Step #2. Remove the Wipers of Your Windshield 

Using the right size of socket wrench, carefully release the nuts that are holding the wipers of your windshield in place. Next, remove them and then set them away so you can use it for reinstallation later. You can also put them into a Ziplock bag in order to make sure that you do not lose them while you’re repairing the auto glass. 

Step #3. Lubricate and Removal of Auto Glass 

Lastly, release clips around its molding and then lubricate the entire perimeter of the windshield using silicone putty lubricant so that it can just slide out easily out of your car’s window frame. Next, pull it away using a pry bar. After that, place the handle of the suction cup on your windshield and carefully push it out of the frame of the window. You can now start the repair process of your auto glass. 

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