Some Yoga Essentials You Need to Have

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Yoga is an activity that can strengthen not just the body and mind, but it can also relax muscles by stretching them. Yoga has the right balance of meditation and fitness. You will no longer practice each on separate occasions. Aside from a teacher (physical or digital one), you will also need a few things like a yoga apparel, mat, etc. When you decide on doing yoga. Here is a list of a few things you’ll need and possibly love if you are looking forward for being a certified yogi. 


  1. Tank Top 

Yoga isn’t just your typical morning stretches. It is a work out on its own. And like any work out, you will need breathable clothes. Choose a tank top that will prevent slips. There are a lot of style, color, and fabric to choose from out there.  

       2. Pants 

Like tank tops, yoga pants are equally as important. You will need one that can withstand long and extended stretches. You surely wouldn’t want it breaking apart while doing a compromising pose. And like tank tops, yoga pants also come in a multitude of style, color, and material. Choose one that will offer you protection and comfort. 

       3. Mat 

A mat isn’t only needed for yoga but it can also be used for other exercise. Consider having one. You will recognize a good one if it has a balance of durability, thickness, and stickiness.  

        4. Block 

Blocks are important for any yogi at any level, whether you are just a beginner or a pro. Blocks help you reach your full potential in a pose. For some poses like asanas, blocks will make the floor closer to your body so you can perform the pose more easily and comfortably. You can also use it to restore your posture. 

      5. Mat Bag 

Nobody likes carrying their mats around without a bag or even a strap. Some may, but the mat might unfold on its own, falls on the floor, and gets dirty. Sure you can rent mats, but you can save that money by buying just one. You can now travel your mats in style, as yoga mat bags now come in different styles, sizes, and colors as well. 

       6. Towel 

If you are planning on hot yoga, then you’ll definitely need a towel. The temperature in the room or even some yoga poses can cause you to sweat. There are towels manufactured specifically for yoga, but you can always opt for the regular towel.  

      7. Yoga Strap 

If you’re looking for a deeper stretch, a yoga strap can help you. Hamstring stretches for beginners, for example, can be challenging. You will worry if your joints are going to break apart. A yoga strap will help you stretch your hamstring muscles safely and securely. The only thing to look for a good yoga strap is the tightness of the weave.  

      8. Leg Warmers 

Yoga isn’t only best done during warm climates like you see in picture. You can still do yoga during winter. A pair of leg warmers will work great for your legs.  


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